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Original Vault Mylar Bags

Small and medium size Vault Myar Bags

Key features

Child resistant barrier.

Many products require child resistant packaging by law. These bags are nearly adult proof.

Tamper proof strip.

Protect your brand by ensuring people get exactly your product, as packed.

No need to heat seal.

Once the Vault Mylar Bag is locked, that is it! This is a huge time saver when packing.

Perfect for vinyl labels.

The bags open from the top and back. The front of the bag is left intact.

100% Recyclable.

We were very specific in choosing the materials used for our bags. Environmentally friendly was a must.

Food grade packaging.

These bags are made using MOPP+VMPET+PE and they are 100 micron thick. This makes them ideal for food packaging.

Clear front and bottom.

This means that consumers can see the product inside the bag before opening it. Perfect for labels with windows.

Stand up pouch (SUP).

These are the superior stand up pouches. Great for display and on going use.

Scissors never required.

Due to the locking feature, you no longer need scissors to open a heat sealed bag.

Low cost shipping.

These bags are much cheaper to ship than alternative packaging like pop tops and tins. This is due to being very thin and lightweight.

Tamper proof evident strip

Vault Mylar Bag Tamper Proof Evident Strip

No need for heat sealing because once the Vault Mylar Bag is closed for the first time, it can not be opened without removing this tamper proof strip.

Scissors are not required for opening the Vault Mylar Bag. The perfect bag for protecting your reputation and fast packing of your products.

This unique combination of features means they are great for vinyl labels that cannot tear.

Child Resistant Barrier Mylar Bags

Locate flap under tamper-proof strip

Hold flap and inside of bag.

Pull apart to open.

(These are almost adult-proof)